Soothing Chigger Bites

  Are chiggers bad in your area this summer? They are in mine. For the select occasions that I missed spraying my homemade bug spray before heading outside, is when the bugs strike. I've noticed that once I was pregnant, and producing breast-milk, that chiggers and mosquitos absolutely love my skin.  After taking a shower, I enjoy... Continue Reading →

Cleaning Your Teeth With Essential Oils

It has been close to two years since my first purchase of essential oils, and from running out of my favorite store brand toothpaste-and I haven't looked back! I still use the same method and oils for my homemade toothpaste mixture. Since our Vitality essential oil line came out, many have wondered about the benefits... Continue Reading →

New Line of Baby Care Products

Young Living launched a new line of products formulated safe for baby. Young Living offers Thieves wipes for multi-purpose, but know mothers and baby can enjoy the New brand Seedlings in these specially formulated wipes just for gentle skin. For diaper changes, to quick clean ups of sticky hands, these essential infused wipes are also... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Ruby Reds

Getting ready for Thanksgiving next week, I've been busy preparing for friends and family coming in for their Thanksgiving break. That includes buying in bulk.  We are on the last three days of the Young Living Brand Ambassador 21 Day Fitness Challenge. Through all the soreness, I can see and feel the improvements. It's very... Continue Reading →

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